My name is Patrick Mulder. People tend to call me Mulder. I'm an editor based in Manchester, UK.

When I'm not making cutting remarks to people who suggest we 'fix it in post', ingesting frankly ridiculous statements made by execs, com eds and directors, sighing enough to power Abergavenny or praying for the apocalypse... I can probably be found reading a book.

Figuring out how people find their element, their talent, fascinates me. I was watching Steve Jobs the way Berry Gordy watched Henry Ford. I believe in Moore’s Law, in time pacing, in micro-chunking, in nanofying, in monetising, optimising everything, and shipping products. I believe there are only three types of music. Good, bad and funk. I consider myself something of a cross between Guy Kawasaki and James Brown.

Interests: Broadcasting, Branding, Advertising, Music for Television, Acoustics, Civil Rights, Protecting the mind from degradation, Sowing the seeds of education.